"Ballad of the ?? in Green Tights,"

by Eben

--The 2005 Washington State Governor's Race, in Retrospect--

What that she is wearing? It looks like green tights! And bow and arrows? These are some sights!

A cross, a hybrid—a Robbin’ Hood-Peter Pan?

She swings from the rafters for the wallet

Of every man.

Does she really think she fits this our time?

I guess, as she scoops up every nickel and dime.

She’s green like the grass, and trees, and our bucks,

But her tax program soaks everyone including the ducks.”

She’s “Robbin’” and got her big hooks in our Hood.

We’d ship her to China, slow boat if we could.

People like her they grind for chop suey,

Before they even get one little clue-y.

Whatever the Chinese perceive as a threat,

Off goes its head, it won’t last, you can bet.

Thousands of years, they’ve seen every type

Of con artist, crook, and wolf in pin stripe.

This masquerade foisted on us as our chief,

Over there would be treated as a petty thief.

Let her crack the whip, and sign her tax bills,

When the Sheriff arrives, she’ll be gobbling horse pills.

It won’t help a bit when her whole crew ships out,

From her thieves’ nest that has a convenient seaport.

Maid Marian, where are you when you’re needed most?

Can’t you rally Seattle’s worst, not best, to boast?

They’re paid good money to support such as her—-

It’s normal for them to stick on like a burr.

But maybe they got wind like rats there’s a hole

Right in the hull of the ship’s very soul.

It’s gonna sink fast, this whole scheme of hers,

So why climb aboard?—you need feathers, not furs.

You better run, or fly if you can,

From this wriggling, sinking, hopeless worm can.

She may think she’s got a Royal Viking cruise ship,

But look what greed opened—in the bow a big rip!

Oh, Friar Tuck, can’t you bail out her boat?

But the hole’s got too big, and she can’t stay afloat.

Bye, bye, it’s no surprise there goes sly, old, fat Tuck,

First to high-tail it now Robbin’ ’s lost Lady Luck.

Amazing how votes put her in over poor Rossi--

they kept “finding" more ballots just ahead of his posse.

But we shouldn’t be surprised when someone

Wears silly green tights—-

Robbin’ Hood? Peter Pan?


Refrain (to be sung after this legislature goes down in the halls of political infamy):

Yes, we have no money,

Yes, we have no money.

Liberals had a big tax ball,

And stripped us bare, right to the wall!

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Permission to quote entirety of “Ballad of the Green Tights,” or in part, freely granted those supporting re-establishment of “Sanity, Probity, Awe-of-God Morality (or SPAM) in what is called, euphemistically, the Washington State Government. It is a fact here that godly, moral leaders have been rejected time after time by the Washington State elites and their mouth pieces, the TV news media and the press and main papers in Seattle and Tacoma (and the out of state big unions with huge political war chests also interfere in our elections repeatedly, running huge ad campaigns which their individual opponents can not hope to match), and the result is that liberal elites control Washington State, making it one of the most corrupt and decadent states in the nation where almost everything being stated officially can be trusted to be something less than the truth--that is, a lie.

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